When I was looking to expand my blog network I spoke with a friend in the hopes of recruiting his expertise who asked me, “how do you start blogging?” “It’s easy!” I said, but then told him that would be one long email and I’d rather talk him through it. Realizing I’ve been asked that question a lot I decided to go ahead and put together this post with everything you need to know to start a blog and make it successful.

1) Select a topic for your blog:

Picking the hot topic of the week won’t work for your blog. You’ll want to select a topic that is something important to you and something you’d consider yourself something of expert on. It can be anything, but if you’re not passionate about the topic then you’ll lose heart and lose interest!

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2) Register your domain name:

Your domain name will say everything about your site so choose wisely! Try and include a clear indicator about your blog’s topic. While many of the most obvious domain names have already been registered you can still find plenty of options if you’re creative and flexible. Domains can be registered cheaply at less than $8/year with GoDaddy.

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3) Choose between self-hosted and free services:

There are free options for hosting your website, but the trade-off can be in control and authority. With a free service like Blogger you’ll be limited in what you can do and how you can do it. Self-hosting is surprisingly inexpensive at just $8/month and allows you the flexibility to host your site, run the applications you want, and give you the control you’ll want and need. HostGator is my preferred hosting solution.

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4) Choose your blogging software:

Once you’ve set up your domain and hosting account you’ll need to get your blogging software put in place. Luckily the best options for blogging are entirely free and open source which means a vast community of support. Without a doubt WordPress has become the de facto blog platform and for good reason. After carefully reviewing my options years ago I chose WordPress and have never looked back.

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5) Monetizing your blog:

Adding revenue streams to your website is a broad topic for a whole other post, but to get you started here is an option to consider. Your easiest upfront option will be to start with Google Adsense. With its low entrance requirements you likely won’t have any problems being accepted in to this efficient revenue method.

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